Dog Trainer

Support Dogs are looking to recruit an enthusiastic, motivated and driven individual to join the Dog Supply Team within the Training Department.  The role involves sourcing, assessing and providing a structured training programme to the dogs that have been accepted.  A variety of locations are used to source dogs such as rescue centres, unwanted pets from family homes and breeders.

Whilst the dog is awaiting to come into full time training this individual is to ensure they monitor, support and advise the volunteer as deemed necessary to ensure the dog is at the standard required for their intensive training.  Other duties will include the recruitment and assessment of new volunteers alongside ensuring the health and welfare of the dogs are consistently maintained.

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Further role information
Job description
Requirements and criteria


Training and Development Officer

An exciting new opportunity as arisen within Support Dogs for a Training and Development Officer.  The role consists of training new employees alongside developing the skills of existing staff and volunteers.    Due to the training required for new employees within the training department the candidate is to have extensive knowledge and experience in dog training and behaviour, they must feel confident delivering this information both in practical and theory based learning.  Monitoring of new employees and reviewing their progress through reviews and questionnaires will be expected on a regular basis.

The successful candidate will be expected to identify the training and development needs of existing staff and provide in house training/identify specific off site workshops ensuring to keep within the given budget.

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Training and development officer advert

JD training and development officer

Training and development officer criteria