Dog Foster Carer

What do we need
We need people to foster our dogs that reach their advanced training level.

Evening and Weekend Foster Carers
Each day, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm the dogs ‘come to school’ to do their training at our centre in Sheffield. We have dogs that  need fostering from anything between a few weeks, a few months and occasionally up to a year. Perfect for someone who works full time but still would like to enjoy the company of a dog.

We ideally would like you to be able to drop off and pick up from our location at S9 2RX near Meadowhall Sheffield but we will consider people who cannot do this that are local to our centre.

Foster carers have our dogs for as short as the occasional weekend up to longer term of up to 12 months.

Stay at home Foster carers
Stay at home foster carers look after our dogs full time in their own home. The dogs do not ‘come into school’ on a regular basis. This can be for a variety of reasons such as the dog is recovering from a health problem, the dog could be in quarantine, or the dog may be a little too young to start its formal training. Again you could be foster caring a dog for a short period of a few days or longer term for up to a year.

More information
We provide all equipment the foster carer will need including food, vet care, flea and worming treatments, we offer support and training advice and have our 24 hour emergency phone line. We ask that foster carers have a secure garden, can commit to exercising the dog, will be able to attend our training days, are willing to follow our training advice, and are willing to offer a loving environment for our dogs to be in to help them achieve their goal of being an assistance dog. Fostering one of our dogs suits people who want a dog but who maybe cannot commit to the full ownership of one. We also provide alternative foster care for when you wish to go on holiday or have any weekend breaks or day trips booked.

For more details please read our Foster carer pack and if you can help please complete the form below.

Unfortunately we can no longer accept foster carers who have pet dogs in the home.