Staff at Sainsbury’s in Nottingham go barking mad for Support Dogs

Staff at Sainsbury’s in Perry Road Nottingham have been going barking mad for Support Dogs!

Generous employees have raised more than £5,500 for the national assistance dog charity from store collections and second-hand book sales over the past 12 months.

PR liaison for the store, Paul Davis, said: “We made Support Dogs our charity of the year because of the fantastic work in helping people with disabilities.  We’re delighted that we’ve been able to support them by making them our charity of the year, and helping to raise awareness of what they do.”

Support Dogs’ client Kym Stretton with her dog Marley and staff from Sainsbury’s

Danny Anderson, fundraising manager for Support Dogs, said: “We’d thank to give a big thank all the staff at Sainsbury’s in Perry Road for their generosity. We have a rising demand for our services as our dogs can transform the lives of people with a range of serious medical conditions, and we urgently need ongoing financial support.”

Support Dogs train assistance dogs for children and adults with autism, epilepsy and physical disability.

Kym Stretton, pictured, with her support dog Marley and Sainsbury’s staff, suffers from osteoarthritis and osteomalacia. Marley helps Kym with everyday tasks such as loading and unloading the washing machine, picking up items that Kym has dropped, helping her to dress and undress and being there to support her if she falls or gets into trouble.

Kym, from Mansfield, says: “Having an assistance dog has had such a massive impact on my life. Before I had a dog, I hadn’t left the house for over a year. I had no confidence and my family was worried about me. As soon as Marley was trained to assist me, I had my life and my independence back, and it is all thanks to Support Dogs.”