Doggy foster carers


Can you help us by being a foster carer for one of our amazing dogs in training?

We do not use any kennel facilities for the dogs that are in training; therefore we are looking to recruit dedicated volunteers to become ‘Foster Carers’ to help look after our dogs.

There are several options for fostering which may suit all types of availability and lifestyle.

  • We need evening and weekend foster carers: the dogs come into the centre in Sheffield 9am-5pm Monday to Friday for their training but need looking after outside of this time. This could be ideal for someone who works full time but would like to enjoy the company of a dog.
  • We also need fosterers who can look after our dogs on a more full time basis, for times when the dog isn’t coming into school, such as if they’re too young to start their formal training.
  • We also need occasional fosterers who are available for the odd weekend or week here and there to help with times like holiday cover. This would suit people who prefer a more flexible option.


Foster care is an ideal solution for those that perhaps want a dog but cannot take on the full time responsibility of pet dog ownership or for those that are looking for a way to support Support Dogs as a charity.

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