Tony and Hetty

Pic Mick Gell6th Jan 2012Express Health.Tony Brown Griffin,from Tunbridge Wells, who is registered blind with her dog Hetti who is trained to help predict epileptic seizures and is also a guide dog, the first in Europe. Hetti also helps with the washing by emptying the machine.....Please click here to sponsor Hetty  and help others to benefit from our work

Beautiful black lab Hetty is the first Dual Assistance Dog to be trained in the UK. Owner Tony Brown-Griffin is registered blind and has intractable epilepsy. She says:

Hetty is fundamental to my life. Everything I do is because of her. Without her I’d be stuck.

Hetty gives Tony 42 minutes warning prior to a major seizure, enabling her to get to a place of safety. That’s in addition to her guiding duties.” Hetty was trained in partnership by Support Dogs and Guide Dogs for the Blind

Graham Smith, Guide Dogs’ Director of Mobility Services, said: “We’re extremely proud that she’s the first dog in the UK, possibly the world, able to give someone both freedoms, by being their Guide Dog, and their Seizure Alert Dog. We’re grateful to Support Dogs for working with us and we hope to train more dogs like Hetty in the future.”

Rita Howson, Support Dogs’ Director of Operations said: “Working with Guide Dogs on this unique and ground breaking partnership has been so valuable for us – and Tony Brown-Griffin. Hetty, like all our assistance dogs, transforms the quality of life of  her human partner, giving hugely increased independence.”

Tony adds:

I used to have epilepsy with a little bit of life, now have a life with a little bit of epilepsy.

Please click here to sponsor Hetty  and help others to benefit from our work