Our Support Dogs and You

There are lots of ways to get involved with Support Dogs, as well as fundraising you can become a foster carer, or give a retired dog a new home, or help us find new dogs looking for a career change. You’ll find information below about our super Support Dogs.


We need foster carers for our dogs when they aren’t in school. This might be evenings and weekend, or full time while a dog awaits training. To find out more visit our foster carers page

Recruiting New Dogs

At Support Dogs we do not have our own breeding programme so our dogs come to us from a variety of places; from other charity’s breeding programmes, from family pets and from rehoming centres. If you have a dog you think might be a super Support Dog click here for more information.

Sponsoring Support Dogs

If you’d like to care for one of our dogs but haven’t got the space, or live outside of the required area, you can help support our work but sponsoring one of our dogs. You’ll get pictures and a soft toy when you sign up and regular updates on how your dogs is doing. And you’ll be helping us to train more dogs and transform more lives. Click here to sponsor your dog.

Withdrawn dogs:

Most of the dogs we have looking for homes are withdrawn dogs. Usually these are young dogs in the earlier stages of training that have been assessed as unsuitable for assistance dog work.

The reasons for which we withdraw dogs vary. Typically the dog may have a minor training or behaviour issue which makes them an unsuitable candidate to be a Support Dog, but the issue highlighted would have relatively little impact on them in the right pet dog home.

We source our dogs from rescues centres and pet homes so don’t expect a fully trained support dog. However, our withdrawn dogs do usually have lovely temperaments and they will have had some input on basic training while they have been in our care.

Retired dogs:

Retired dogs come up much less often because we always strive for our dogs to remain within their companions home once they retire, however this is not always possible. On occasions we are faced with needing to find a suitable home for a dog that has been retired from their duties as a Support Dog. Typically these are older dogs.

How to rehome a dog:

To apply rehome one of our withdrawn or retired dogs, you will need to live within a 2 hour drive of Sheffield, have plenty of spare time on your hands, and to able to offer a dog a loving and safe environment and a home for life. Please note: It is our policy that no dog is left on their own for more than 4 hours at any one time so we will not rehome to households that work full time. We will also not re-home dogs to families with children under the age of 2 years.

Our dogs come in a variety of shapes and sizes as we train different breeds and have dogs with different personalities, they are not all Labradors!

Once you have completed an application form and have been added to the rehoming applicant list we will consider you for dogs that come up for rehoming. This is done on a dog by dog basis. All dogs and applicants will have specific requirements and our aim to ensure that each dog is matched to the appropriate rehomer who can best suit and deal with the needs of the dog. This is not done on a first come first served basis. Because of this, waiting times will vary and could be several months to a year’s wait. We cannot promise we will find a suitable dog for you. However, if you are open with your requirements then you are likely to be matched quicker than those with specific requirements – i.e. you don’t need a dog that is calm, or can live with a cat, or you are willing to take any breed, sex, medical or behavioural issue.

To find out more or request a rehoming application form please contact info@supportdogs.org.uk