Need and Impact

Our plans for the future of Support Dogs

Over the past 25 years Support Dogs has created hundreds of very special partnerships between our dogs and the people they help. We train each dog depending on their own skills and abilities (and what they enjoy!) and we don’t have an intensive breeding programme – we really do care about each and every one of our dogs and we work closely with them for their entire lives; the Support Dogs door is never closed.

A growing need
The people we work with come from a huge variety of backgrounds. They are individually assessed to find a suitable canine match and their dedication and commitment to the ongoing training and welfare of our dogs, regardless of their own circumstances, is inspiring to us all.

There is a huge and rapidly growing demand for Support Dogs. We receive over 100 requests a month from people who need the help of our charity, across all of our programmes – epilepsy seizure alert dogs, disability assistance dogs and autism assistance dogs (and we don’t advertise). You can find more information about each of the programmes and some of our wonderful existing partnerships on this website. They are, each and every one, completely life changing.

Making things better
In our current training centre we can train between 10 and 15 dogs each year and we know that this is not enough. It is difficult for our staff to take enquiry calls when we can’t help and even more difficult for the individual people and their families who we know could see their lives transformed by a Support Dogs partnership.

We are working hard to identify new premises and to raise the vital funds needed to purchase a new centre and so we can then launch a fundraising campaign to make this a reality.

If you want to help, we need to hear from you. Please contact Danny Anderson on 0114 261 7800 or email