2017 November 09

Dog-loving Cats’ star is new Support Dogs’ patron

Dog lover Elaine Paige, recently announced as the new patron of Support Dogs, fondly remembers her former pet ,Tugger, and the day he memorably bit Des O’Connor’s nose live on TV.

“I was never allowed a dog when I was growing up, unfortunately, which is why I’ve got a bit of a penchant for dogs.  I always wanted a dog, and in fact I did have one once, a West Highland Terrier called Tugger.

The world’s an Oyster for Elizabeth

Support dog Oyster  has opened up a whole new world for autistic youngster Elizabeth Gregor.

All toddlers have tantrums but Elizabeth Gregor’s outbursts went well beyond what most parents have to cope with.

The little girl from Guisborough, who was diagnosed as having autism at the age of just two and half, would  lie on the floor kicking and screaming and refusing to go outside the house, leaving her mum and dad Marie and Andy exhausted and struggling to cope. Normal family life ground to a halt.